Emergency Crank Generator

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Never run out of power in emergency or power-off situations

Afraid of being with a dead cell phone and no power?

If the answer is yes, then we have the solution! Simply plug in your device to the USB port to charge, suitable for all phones and power banks wherever you are.

Dead batteries in the middle of nowhere?

Charge up your device with this generator! Small and compact with a detachable handle for easy storage, the K-POWER Emergency Crank Generator is an absolute must for your bug out bag, home emergency kit, or outdoor recreation.

Incredibly simple to use, this is the best hand crank generator you will find.

Forgot to charge that powerbank when the power goes out?

Hey, we’ve all been there. Simply attach it to your K-POWER Emergency Crank Generator and have the ability to generate power in the most remote areas or when there is a power outage in the most convenient and practical way. Works with any USB device.

Need a USB charger in an emergency?

The USB port also can be used as a power source to attach a mini USB light, fan, or any other USB powered device. Fully adjustable to match the required corresponding voltage output.

Tired of cheap plastic that breaks as soon as you look at it?

The K-POWER Emergency Crank Generator is made of far hardier stuff than the cheap plastic you find on most sites. A full metal outer casing combined with anti-slip foot pads provides a sturdy and firm standing for this portable hand crank generator, combined with an easy crank to provide effortless and time-saving manual power generation.

Demand More Power Now!


Model: K-POWER F20

Color: Blue

Stable Power: 3v/6.6A, 5v/4A, 6v/3.3A, 9v/2.2A, 12v/1.6A, 15v/1.3A

Max Cranking power: 20W

Rotating Speed: 2000rmp/min

Package Includes: 1 x K-POWER Emergency Crank Generator

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 © 2020 gadgets-hub.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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